Longganisa Pan de Sal

Classic oblong Pan de Sal filled with special garlic longganisa made with ground pork and seasoned with fresh garlic, herbs and spices. An all-time favorite!

Baked Chicken Mayo Bun with Sesame seeds

A complete meal in a soft bun filled with chicken chunks with homemade mayo, and topped with sesame seeds.

Tuna Salad Cheesemelt Bun with Parsley

Our special recipe tuna salad in very soft bun topped with organic fresh parsley. Makes a completely healthy meal for lunch or dinner.

Corned Beef Pan de Sal

A little crusty on the outside, soft on the inside Pan de Sal filled with corned beef sautéed in fresh onions and garlic.

Hongkong Style Pork Bun

Soft bun filled with barbecue flavored minced pork cooked in savory, and slightly sweet homemade hoisin sauce.

Angus Franks Sausage Bun

Premium baked all beef hot dog made with angus beef rolled into our soft and chewy bun.

Oriental Chicken Bun

Soft bun filled with chunky chicken in savory and slightly sweet homemade hoisin sauce.

Chicken and Mushroom Puff Pastry Pie

Flaky puff pastry filled with chunks of chicken fillet & sliced mushroom in a creamy sauce. The ultimate comfort food!

More Savouries

• Ham & Cheese Bun
• Spam & Egg Pan de Sal
• Fish Fillet Bunwich
• Kani & Cheese Bun

Bulk orders start from 24 pcs and up; Price break for bulk orders.
Minimum order of 12 pcs/box, individually wrapped.