Carrot-Walnut Cake Loaf

Sweet carrots and roasted walnuts for that extra flavorful crunch are a classic combination and mouthwatering when baked together into a cake loaf.

Midnight Chocolate Cake Loaf

Made of Belgian dark chocolate morsels and Dutch cocoa blended to a moist perfection.

Calamansi Yogurt Cake Loaf

The yogurt makes this cake loaf really moist and soft and the freshly squeezed calamansi juice gives it a refreshing mild tangy taste.

Red Velvet Loaf

Moist loaf cake with a subtle hint of chocolate and a distinctive red color.

Also Available

• Banana Walnut Cake Loaf (Best Seller)
• Taisan Cake Loaf
• Lemon Cake Loaf

Order per loaf or sliced. Minimum order of 5 slices/box, individually wrapped.
Bulk orders start from 20 pcs; Price break for bulk orders.